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JSX email

JSX email JSX email provides a set of React components and helpers for building delightful and responsive email templates, compatible with modern email clients.

The components handle the heavy lifting of compatibility and client inconsistency so designers and developers can focus on building impactful and engaging templates.

Getting Started

Everything to know about the components, props, and usage is available within our Documentation Site. Please give that a read and let us know if there's anything we can help with.


The packages and components that make up JSX email require an LTS Node version (v18.0.0+) and React v18.2.0+

Advantages Over react-email

The goals of this project are to provide an improved focus on Developer Experience, maintenance, fast improvements and fast releases. As such, we feel that jsx-email has a number of improvements and advantages over react-email. Those include:

  • Email Client Compatibility Checking
  • Crazy fast Tailwind support
  • Support for <Suspense> and async within Components
  • Exclusive Components
  • Enhanced Developer Experience (DX)
  • Better Command Line tools
  • Works with Monorepos out of the box. No exhaustive setup needed.
  • Less complex, smoother Preview Server
  • Faster improvements, feature development, and releases
  • Community-driven maintenance rather than company-planning priority
  • No vendor lock-in for tools. jsx-email uses only generic components and tools

Service Integrations

Email built and rendered with JSX email can be used with any email provider that provides an API for sending email as a String. This includes AWS SES, Loops, Nodemailer, Postmark,Resend, Plunk, and SendGrid. See our documentation on Email Providers for more info and example usage.

Please check out our Contribution Guide.

Attribution 🧡

This project was built upon prior work for react-email by Bu Kinoshita (@bukinoshita) and Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha).

jsx-email is a fork of react-email.

We (the maintainers) use JSX email daily. This fork was originally created as a canary channel for fixes from pull requests and issues that had been left unaddressed. JSX email grew faster, and the upstream team didn't give the project the love we felt it needed. When our help wasn't accepted, we felt a new direction was warranted.


MIT License